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Freak1c's Journal
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Friday, April 3rd, 2015
7:23 pm
It's like when you call an ex and you don't know exactly what to say. I mean, there's all the stuff in the world to say but you're not sure if anything would be appropriate.

Hm. I mean, eff Facebook for one thing. But like, who owns LJ now? Is it still Russians? Are we good with that? Is their algorithm all wack like FBs? Is docmanhattan still here?
Sunday, October 12th, 2008
1:53 am
Weather Above Ground
I am praying for wisdom in this great nation - and for progress
Racism, orientalism, you are in your death throes
Your time is over - this is no country for racist men
The thunder that you hear
that's the sound of the weather changing above ground
So yes, take your last best shot, point your fearful fingers
When you're through we will help you remember
that even though you are finished here that you still have a chance to be heard.
Because the America that I have pledged allegiance to is a strong one
One that has withstood your weakness and risen above your fear
And that America will embrace you even through when you are shown to be false
The thunder you hear is the applause of the sons and daughters of the revolution that began on November 2008
Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
12:56 pm
Why I'm voting for Obama.
You know, it just seemed so clear to me, so obvious that we finally, finally have someone to vote for! To me, the idea of choosing between the lesser of two evils was over! I wasn't sure why anyone might be 'undecided.' Until a friend of mine on Facebook posted that she was, in fact, undecided! Which is what caused me to write out exactly why I'm voting for Obama.


M.H. is undecided (as a voter that is). 11:11am - 8 Comments

Mary Summerall at 11:27am October 2
Are you kidding me?? :)

M.H. Keller at 12:03pm October 2
Wish I was---I have problems with both sides inexperience, far right or left policies, and a seemingly lack of ability and/or knowledge to address the current economic crisis. I'm a moderate, socially liberal and economically conservative, without a good choice. It will probably come down to who will do the least harm.

M.H. Keller at 12:05pm October 2
I'm willing to be convinced though -- so convince me! In this election there are a lot of undecided voters.

Mary Summerall at 12:13pm October 2
Exhibit 1: The economy. Exhibit 2: The war. Exhibit 3: Sarah Palin. Man, that woman just makes my teeth hurt. :)

I promise to send a more thoughtful and less glib response later.

Christopher Gandin Le at 12:41pm October 2
Yes! I can help you too Merily. I think Obama is the absolute best candidate we've had to choose from in my lifetime.

Obama's candor and his level-headedness show a maturity and an ability to handle complex situations (like the ones the current administration put us in) with diplomacy and the proper thought that ruling the greatest nation in the... Read More world requires.

And speaking on experience, Joe Biden has years of experience and I think you'll see tonight that Sarah Palin is not at all ready to lead. She'll come off as nice though, and gosh seem like a good person. But we have to remember her policies against things like literacy, womens right to choose, and her war-mongering notions to say the least.

And maybe consider that 'experience' doesn't always mean proper decision making or an ability to lead. And I always come back to this: McCain said "I hate gooks and I always will" in 2001. This to me remains an inexcusable thing for someone in the public sector to say.

Mary Summerall at 12:48pm October 2
Um, what he said.

Mary Summerall at 12:49pm October 2
Just realized my meaning might be misconstrued coming after Christopher's last sentence. What I meant, of course, is I agree with everything he said and couldn't have said it better myself.

Christopher Gandin Le at 12:50pm October 2
Think of the uproar if someone even at the SAMHSA level used such a racial slur - and then ask if someone willing to dismiss an entire continent of people as 'gooks' is ready to lead this country in such complicated times.

I think that Obama's willingness to listen and then to make the best decisions for keeping America safe and economically solvent are clear. If nothing else, listen to how McCain and Palin both rely on sweeping ideological notions of 'freedom' and 'democracy' when faced with tough issues.

McCain might have more knowledge about world issues at this point, but the knowledge he has is colored by hate, greed, and fear.

I'm ready to have a leader who is ready to take America to a new level of power - to leverage all of the good that we have in this country and use it to make positive change on the world.
Monday, September 22nd, 2008
10:54 am
30th Birthday card

Reading the card, originally uploaded by c&jgl.

Realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes. In this case, the rabbit hole being a list of amazing friends that contributed to a beautiful pair of speakers for my 30th birthday. Thank you everyone!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
8:52 pm
On a clear night - a true story
Hey me and the missus were minding our own business you know, watching Rocky - the first one, on account of my lady she ain't never seen Rocky - not even Rocky III.

Then I hear these sirens and these lights and all that kind of thing. Right in the park across from us, where we walk the dog and all. Then I see this chopper with the spotlight and everything. And I ain't even in all my years in Brooklyn seen a search spotlight that close - right there in the park and all, over by the school. So I says to my betrothed I says "hey - there's something really going on over there and she says "oh hey I see those lights too." Then we look out the window, kinda careful like so's we don't get spotted - we look out there and we see in the spotlight this guy, kinda darting back and forth you know? He's between the fence and this car, just kinda standing there. And he didn't stand there too long before these two cop cars drive by, and then another from the other side. They caught the guy right there, he didn't run or anything. And the whirlybird, it keeps going you know, still searching for mustabeen 10, 15 minutes. And we're still watching all this you know, waiting to see what happened.

Then we sees our neighbor - the guy that lives downstairs. We see him out by the fence of our apartments, and he's looking at what happened and he doesn't know either. So I says to my wife - "Hey let's just go back inside eh?" And that's what we did was we went inside. But soon, we see our neighbor - this other lady now, she's got this dog named Mojo and all. And we sees her and Mojo walking down the street like. So we calls to her - "Hey, didja see what happened?" And She called back, saying she didn't see nothing.

So we decide hey, we're citizens we got a right to know you know? So we take the dog, and we meet old Mojo and his owner downstairs. And we decided just to walk right up to the police, and ask em real friendly like. So we get up there, where the sirens are and all - and this young cop - fresh looking guy, real friendly like he says "Yeah, I tell you what happened. We caught the bad guy is what happened. This guy, he's high on PCP and he stabbed some people, over there in that Apartment building you know? So's then he runs out, and he tries to steal a car, any car. He tried to steal all the cars over here. But then we caught him, right there by that car." And then he points to the car that we saw earlier, where we saw the guy darting back and forth. And we thanked the officer, we really did - we were glad he caught Mr. Stabby before one of use caught a knife. And he says "Hey, it's what we do." Flatfoot then says that we shouldn't worry, this is a safe neighborhood normally. And I was thinking to myself - would the fuzz ever just tell you if you lived in a crap neighborhood, one where you were probably not safe and all?

So then we started going back home anyway. And then we see this other fellow, this shirtless man, and he looked a little off, seeing as how he didn't have no shirt on and it was only about 50 degrees. And the guy, the shirtless guy says "I thought I was being watched tonight, with all those lights. Hey do you guys know what haaapened?" And then I realized he also was a little bit intoxicated, probably from Marijuana cigarettes. So I tells him the story, and the guy, the stoner guy says "Oh man, what a serial killer." And that killed me, it really did - it made me laugh. So that's what we did, me and my other half - we walked back to the apartment laughing cuz this guy was saying stuff that you'd only say if you was on marijuana cigarettes.

And I got a picture of the scene - it's here if you want to see it.

Actually, I think I hear it again, I really do. Gonna go see what I can find out.
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
9:23 pm
Snow business
Upstate- like way upstate right now. Haven't been this far up yet, that wasn't called Canada. I miss the cold actually. I do like it. I like the snow, and the ice and the quiet of a field that hasn't been walked on. I'll probably want to come back to the Northeast someday.

For now though, I'm dreaming about Texas, and opening a run and gun movie studio. I am still looking for the romance of Texas to hit me though - the dirt roads maybe will do it, if a hot plate of cheese enchiladas doesn't.
Monday, December 24th, 2007
11:43 pm
Merry Christmas
Hey youse guys. Merry, merry Christmas. I feel like it's new years already, maybe just because I'm looking forward to the start of 2008 so much. I'm ready to have a year that brings goodness and abundance and beauty and easy times.

But in the little bit of 2007 that we have left, I hope for happy hearts and calm minds all around.
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
9:57 pm
The Swell Season

If you've seen Once, you know that Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová are amazing songwriters. They made an honest, open movie full of love and music. Once is anti-irony, it is post-hipster. And together with band members from The Frames, they just put on one of the most magical shows I've ever seen.

First, I have to talk about Austin a bit.Collapse )
I think part of it is the Irish love of song. They were able to bring that here, and if we're lucky, we'll keep a little bit of it, so that we too can sit around and sing songs - raise our voices together and sing about it all.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
9:30 pm
Piss, Shit, New York
Big grey town where the smell of shit stained walls is trumped only by the piss in the corner of the stairwell
Dirty ugly thing, lumbering towers and smoky sewers
Dangerous place, New York - place you could lose your wallet or your life
Musical New York though, sounds from spaces you wouldn't expect, basements, tenement windows, raindrops in a puddle

That's not really new york though - not anymore.

Starbucks new york, DSW shoes gleaming black and white stripes
No porn new york, no terrible bars, no smoky black walls echoing loud music
Ceilo Marquee, Aer new york pumping out euros instead of heroin addicts
police everywhere making you feel safe if you feel safe around police
tearing down those ugly projects new york to put up shiny condos
commerce, movement, forward, shiny new york
graffiti not on vans or subway cars but hanging in galleries or in homes on madison
condos, condos and where there's no condos put up malls new york

It can't be all that
can't just be turning into a huge suburb this is new york
The artists new york, they'll keep you running
keep running to be here with you
they'll keep you company new york you can house them somewhere
they'll wait your tables they'll write something for you
because they love you because they believe in you

They'll work - they'll keep working - they'll get jobs though real jobs
they won't wait your tables they'll help you market yourself new york
back to yourself and then
then they'll be old and you'll be older and safer until
people leave because they get bored because they can't find the real new york in there
and then maybe you'll let some dirt seep in
you'll find a few scratches on your mirrors
and poor people will come out from their hiding places
and someone will piss in your stairwells
and shit on your walls and the mayor will thank god for those brown streaks
returning gracefully to their proper place
and he'll claim that this this is new york
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
11:29 am
Why you do me so bad Joss?
Jeebus! The new Joss Stone record is just not right. Introducing Joss Stone indeed. I'm not sure where that sound comes from - certainly not from a 19 year old English woman?!?

Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now featuring Common is real. The whole things is a little less polished than her last record...a little more old school motown. Perfect for a soulful New York overcast day.
Friday, March 16th, 2007
7:34 pm
Now we turn to Snoop with the weather

Thanks Patty, back to you.
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
1:13 pm
Happy Pi Day!
Happy Pi day y'all! This is a tradition I just learned about - but it's good nerdy fun.

So, today - 3.14 at 1.59pm you should have pie.

That is all.
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
10:52 pm
New Blog!
No LJ friends, I'm not giving up on Freak1c. Consider this a side project. The idea began with bobbydrake007 and I reminiscing on how optimistic we used to be about the internet. A place where anybody can speak their truth, where everyone will have access to the same information. No longer locked up in ivory towers, knowledge will flow like milk and honey. Art will flourish, ideas will sprout...it was the beginning of a cultural revolution - the great equalizer, this was a way for everyone to take part in something great. That was 1998.

Now, that Great Age has risen - and it brings us...high schoolers shaking their asses to Sean Paul on YouTube? College kids holding "Martin Luther King" parties? People putting up countdowns to a person's suicide attempt? What happened here? In order to kick-start the online cultural revolution, we're going to have to do some clean up work. That's where www.youembarrass.us comes in.

Check it out! Add us to your RSS readers! Tell your friends! Tell us if you want to write for it!
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
3:44 pm
That Lovin' Feeling

Looking for something to do with that special someone? Well…look no further.

Valentines Day. Jersey Style. Like The Boss said.
12:38 pm
Happy Birthday to You!
Big up to my man bobbydrake007 (not boobydrake as I accidentally wrote) on his 30th birthday!!!


Damn - we have known each other for 15 years. Half of the time you've spent on this planet, you've spent rollin' with me, dog. And they've been mighty good years, I'd say.

So enjoy the day, get you some 1.99 burgers and wings - and here's to the next thirty years of tom-foolery and shenanigans.

A-salam-alaikum brother. I love you.

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
4:53 pm
Boston friends i love you. but you guys need some real terrorists
The bomb squad actually 'detonated' this device.

Inignot Terrorizes Boston

Not that I want you to have real terrorists - but MIT students (Besides the unabomber) don't count.
2:03 pm
Thursday, January 18th, 2007
9:55 pm
Records I gotz to pick up in 2007?
What up Ell Jay - I'm looking for your help. See, I'm signed up for the Turntable Lab NYC newsletter right? And they send out amazing suggestions for new stuff, and old stuff to listen to. I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm Just Now listening to hearing Gil Scott-Heron. I've heard it sampled, looped, chopped, quoted - but The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is...everything.

Their latest newsletter also turned me onto Darando's Let My People Go. And again - it's got me wondering what I've been doing with my ears? Why have I bothered wasting one second listening to anything but music this good!?!

So what else might I have missed, Ell Jay? It's time to expand my musical horizons again. I go through this about every two years.

2001 - Female singer/songwriters: Patty Griffin, Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams
2003 - Catching up with Indie Rock/ Discovering downtempo: Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel, Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly stuff, Massive Attack
2005 - House Music - Tony Humphries, Little Louie Vega, more Ben Watt and deep house stuff like that
2007 - ?!? Funk/Soul/Old School Hip Hop?

Can you guys give me some suggestions? What to put on while I walk through the cold city? What to spin while I cook up some dinner for my lovely wife? What to cut with some dope homemade beats? What to listen to in the (rental) car? What to wake up to? What to make love to? What to throw on and invite you and some friends over for pasta?

What are your favorite records? Looking forward to hearing your answers.

Current Mood: rejuvenated
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
1:46 pm
R.I.P. James Kim
I heard about this story on Monday. I've been reloading the cnet page all the time - hoping to hear word about him.

but not those words

I had a strange connection to this story - Jennifer and I refer to other couples like us as "Banana Pancakes" - don't know where it came from, just made it up. Also - I like this guy - his reviews are solid, and he seemed really just - nice.

I'm so sorry to hear this James. Godspeed.
Friday, November 10th, 2006
12:01 pm
The Vegas Challenge
Me and da Gando have to leave our hotel today cuz it's booked up tonight. Our flight however, isn't until tomorrow (poor planning on our part).

What do we Think:

  • There are no other hotels in Vegas tonight - it's Veterans day.
  • Well, there is one but it costs 350.00. A no go for us.
  • We can probably find enough to do to keep us busy till our flight tomorrow
  • We're young - we can handle it.

What do we Know?

  • We have 24 hours here.
  • We have a rental car.
  • Most things stay open 24/7
  • We have a laptop and a Verizon wireless card.

What can we prove?

  • This is the challenge. The gauntlet. To stay awake. To spend a night in Vegas without a room.
  • That movies, possible spa treatments, a show or two, and some penny arcades will keep us busy.

Wish us luck! Barring luck - any of you have family out here? Ideas? Bail Money?

We'll check in.
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